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This is a great place to give more details about me, as the Webmaster. I could give personal information about my family, my job, my education, and my hobbies and interests. I could also include a list of any of my favorite things.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Depending on the topic of my site, I could include historical information about my subject. For example, if my site is about my business, I could discuss how my business got started. If my site is about a sports team, music group, movie star, or my family, I could chronologically list or summarize major events important to my topic.

Title History

NWA United States Tag Team Championship                                    April 26 1988 from The Midnight Express                           December 7 1988 from Eddie Gilbert & Ron Simmons

Smoky Mountain Tag Team Championship                                         August 8 1992 from The Heavenly Bodies

World Class Tag Team Championship                                                 March 4 1987 from Al Madril & Brian Adias                                May 4 1987 from Rock N Roll RPMs-titles had been held up. 

UWF Tag Team Championship                                                           March 30 1986 from The Sheepherders                             September 27 1986 from Eddie Gilbert & Sting

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